ZFOsportsreg – 40LBS ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED, perfect for hikes and fits big guys. in my opinion

The previous week. I search for information on the ZFOsportsreg – 40LBS ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED VEST, so i would like to describe here.


This 40-Pounds weighted vest is designed to contour and stay tight to your body even under the most intense workouts. This adjustable weighted vest is designed for both men and women and is a great starter for people who wants a reliable vest at a great price. It fits snuggly to your body and allows you to move and breathe easy when you workout. Adjust the weight by adding or …. Read more or Check Price

Comments from other users

heavyPLUS has the ability to reduce or add weight. A bit large and unwieldy for agility but for racing or linear walk not bad. by SULAIMAAN D. FLAGG

good product I’m currently wearing while hiking up the hills/mountains. I started with only 10 kg to condition my body and feet. by Jason Martinez

Are 180 average build wearing a shirt L 5 ‚ 11 ‚. This fits well. It was pretty easy to put together. by Eddie S. Black

I used the better for about a month now. Works well and been durable so far even if the belts seem to have some stray threads from time to time. by Jake Tyra

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